Thursday, January 27, 2005

Big-Dicked Black Trucker

When you least expect the fuck of a lifetime, there's always some big-dicked trucker there to deliver it.

The CB radio was alive with trucker chatter. I carefully interrupted some pointless conversation on channel 19 and soon found myself chatting with a trucker on another channel. His voice had a deep base to it, and we made quick plans to meet at a nearby mall parking lot.

Minutes later I was crawling into the cab of his truck where he lay naked and with a full hardon. The black trucker had a shaved head, a defined chest sprinkled with hair, and a huge cock that rested eerily on his washboard stomack. His thick pubic hair made his dark cock look even more ominous. I didn't bother to get naked, but I did take off my sneakers to avoid getting his bed dirty.

I took the driver's cock and gave him some of the best head I know how to give. His moans let me know I did a good job. I felt his hands caress my butt gently. (Was he trying to find my wallet?) I smiled when I remembered I'd left my wallet back in my car. "Why don't you get naked, too," he asked. I immediately felt stupid. He didn't want my wallet. He wanted my ass! I got off his nine-inch rod long enough to get naked, and picked up my cocksucking where I'd left off.

The driver took turns shoving one finger then two into me. He would pull out and shove his tongue deep into my hole, and I felt my nipples get hard from the stimulation of my hole. My cock was rock hard, and I could feel it pulse with every heartbeat. "Can I fuck you?"

A messy squirt of lube, and one tight-fitting condom later, I eased myself down onto the drivers boner. Although the light was dim, I could see the lust in his eyes as I strained to fit him completely into me. The initial pain was tremendous at first, but I managed to ease myself all the way down on my third try. "Fuck, that's a sweet pussy," I heard him whisper. (A sweet pussy? Whatever. I'm getting big trucker dick.)

The tight fit of his cock in my ass did wonders to coax the black trucker out of his load. I did my best to squeeze my ass and milk his cock dry, but he helped matters a bit by putting me in varied positions to fuck me. This guy was a seasoned lover, and he knew how to hit all the right buttons with that horse cock of his.

By the time he shot his load and filled the rubber deep inside of me, my ass was stretched to the point of numbness. His cock tapped my prostate fiercely when he shot his load, and made me shoot my own load all over myself. The trucker was a stud fucker in every sense of the word.


  1. Anonymous3:02 PM

    We need more of your adventures.

  2. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Your stories make me believe I was right there with you. My hard-on last all though every story. Wish I could have the pleasure of you company. Jay

  3. Anonymous5:15 AM

    I wanna know where you met this black trucker cause i wanna find him too. does he ever come to Los Angeles? LOL

  4. I really enjoy your blogs- they are really terrific! Your a fun writer,please keep the stories cumming;I didn't realize what a turn-on reading stories could be.
    Thanks for them and the web sight.

  5. Anonymous2:11 AM

    id love to meet that black stud does he ever come to san diego if so ave him call me 619 260 1690 LOL

  6. You're a talented writer ... that was a very hot hook up, man ... right to the point and the action was so satisfying ... came very strong crankin one out while reading your story in the early A.M. Thanks man

  7. Anonymous10:15 AM

    That story put me over the edge and I shot a huge load all over myself.


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